Vogue Cook Like A Pro 3-Piece Cast Iron Casserole Dish Set

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Product Description

Give your home cooking set-up a professional upgrade with this three-piece casserole set from Vogue. Containing a 3.2Ltr round casserole dish, 4Ltr round casserole dish and 2.8Ltr rectangular casserole dish, all made from cast iron, this set gives you a great selection of different-sized and shaped cookware – perfect for cooking a whole host of hearty dishes for your dinner parties or family mealtimes.

And the commercial-grade cast iron material gives these casserole dishes a highly durable design that ensures they’ll last for years to come. And when seasoned properly, the casserole dishes offer excellent non-stick properties, too.

Plus, this pro-quality cookware provides heat distribution and retention that means your food will be cooked evenly whilst also reducing hot-spots that can lead to burning.