Unox Speed X Oven 3 Phase Right Hand Door XEPA-0523-EXRN

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Product Description

The Unox SPEED-X is the first oven to be both a powerful combi oven combined with a high speed oven, complete with automatic self-cleaning. SPEED-X has an impressive capacity of 10 GN2/3 trays with 35 mm pitch or 5 GN2/3 trays with 70 mm pitch in combi mode, as well as a position dedicated for the high speed cooking.

The SPEED-X allows for cooking up to 4 items simultaneously in speed mode. The revolutionary HYPER.Speed technology combines combi cooking with microwaves to significantly reduce cooking times of sandwiches and precooked dishes compared to traditional high speed ovens.

The automatic washing with integrated detergent tank simplifies cleaning operations, allowing the speed cooking of raw foods such as vegetables, meat, fish and much more. The AISI 316L stainless steel cooking chamber combined with the RO.Care water filtration system allows you to connect SPEED-X directly to the water network without the need for external filtering systems even in the presence of very hard water or with a high level of chlorides.