Hygiplas Palette Knife Purple 20.5cm

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Product Description

Looking for a way to spread icing evenly over cakes? Then the Hygiplas palette knife will be the product for you. Thanks to the thin, flexible blade and rounded tip, the palette knife is ideal for lifting baked goods from baking trays while also being able to spread icing evenly and producing a smooth finish on the top and sides – making it a truly essential baking utensil for every keen baker.

Also, the nylon construction creates a handle that is resistant to impact and strong at high temperatures, so chefs can easily use on both hot and cold dishes without it bending, breaking, or de-moulding.

Boasting the strong stainless-steel build, the knife is highly durable and easy to clean after use – helping to extend the time between replacements while speeding up cleaning tasks.

And the ergonomic handles allow for a secure and comfortable grip which helps to reduce the risk of injury, aches, or pains within the workplace.

Featuring the purple colour means the knife has been designed so your chefs can use the colour-coded system to prevent cross contamination. Purple is mainly used for particularly sensitive ingredients such as nuts, soya, or seafood.