Hygiplas Cooks Knife Purple 25.4cm

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Product Description

Looking for a chefs knife that is designed to be functional yet highly versatile? Then the Hygiplas cooks knife will be the product for you. Thanks to the broad, sturdy blade this knife is ideal for preparation tasks that include products like meat, vegetables, or fruits, so your chefs can use it for longer in the kitchen without it bending, breaking, or needing re-sharpening.

Also, the ultra-sharp edge cuts through produce with minimal effort – providing professional and consistent results with each and every slice.

Boasting the ergonomic handles allows for a secure and comfortable grip which helps to reduce the risk of injury, aches, or pains within the workplace.

And the purple colour means the knife has been designed so your chefs can use the colour-coded system to prevent cross contamination. Purple is mainly used for particularly sensitive ingredients such as nuts, soya, or seafood.

Featuring the stainless-steel construction creates a knife that is both highly durable and easy to clean – perfect for ensuring the knife is ready to use again quickly.